beworksafe, Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

beworksafe is an online incident, hazard and risk management system specifically designed to help you and your organisation identify, access and manage workplace incidents and hazards. beworksafe allows your organisation to understand where any potential workplace hazards exist and to develop solutions to prevent hazards turning into injuries and prevent injuries from recurring. Safe and healthy workplaces are more productive, reduce WorkCover claims and lead to lower workplace injury premiums meaning businesses are more competitive.

  • Accessible by All

    When your employees observe a hazard or are involved or witness an injury in the workplace they can easily report this from any location using beworksafe

  • Enforce Accountability

    beworksafe will automatically notify the accountable person (normally the employees supervisor or manager) in your organisation

  • Manage & Control

    Using beworksafe best practices, the accountable person must enter and implement effective control measures to help ensure employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment

  • Analyse & Review

    beworksafe advanced but easy-to-use analysis tools provide you with real-time trend analysis and performance reporting to help diagnose problem areas in your organisation

  • Close the loop

    beworksafe will notify your employees with the implemented control measures ensuring your employees are provided with the highest level of protection against risks to their health and safety

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