Business Analysis

You don't have to act superhuman anymore. They'll just think you are.

PAN Software business analysts are highly skilled and experienced professionals who work with your team or independently to ensure the project scope and business requirements are clearly defined, documented and articulated. Our business analysis team provide the following functions:

  • Identification of business requirements

    Once a project is approved, the business analyst identifies the high-level business needs and translates them into use cases. These needs are then prioritised in order to develop a "project scope" that meets the allocated budget and time constraints.

  • Identification of stakeholders

    The business analyst identifies all the stakeholders involved in the project under consideration (e.g. customers, users, shareholders).

  • Collecting business requirements

    The requirements are gathered and detailed via interviews, group sessions, studies and feedback on the current process/system.

  • Analysis

    The analyst structures the information gathered. A variety of techniques are used:

    • Requirements modelling: translating business needs into object models.
    • Data modelling: translating information needs into data models.

  • Documentation

    A Functional Specification document is produced documenting the proposed system.

  • Validation and management

    The business analyst can validate and manage changes to business requirements during the development of the solution.

  • Change management

    The work of the business analyst doesn't stop with collecting, identifying, planning and analysis. The business analyst can track changes in business requirements when they occur during the project lifecycle, as well as later, once the system is in operation.