Software Development

Software development is at the core of what we do.

We offer solutions combining emerging technologies and traditional technologies, which combined with our passion for software development, ensures we meet the business needs of our customers.

Technologies we use
  • Software Architects

    From n-tiered enterprise solutions to iPhone applications, PAN Software architects are experienced in developing best practice software solutions to ensure the appropriate technology is applied to the appropriate project.

  • Web Developers

    PAN Software "front-end" developers are responsible for ensuring the User Interface (UI) is both functional and useable. Our user-centric approach to software development ensures the final product complies with the latest trends in usability making the user experience more engaging, leading to a higher uptake of the solution.

  • Software Engineers

    PAN Software "back-end" developers are responsible for ensuring the business layer or the "engine" is optimised to ensure scalability, security and speed to maximise the application's overall performance. Utilising various proprietary techniques, algorithms and database queries, our projects have a reputation for both performance and reliability.